1. Amount


2. Your information

Law requires we ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, put N/A, and if you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.
Contributions are not tax deductible.

3. Payment information

By making the contribution, you certify that all of the following statements are true:
  • am making this contribution with my own personal funds and not from funds provided by another person for the purpose of making the contribution.
  • am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  • I am not making a corporate contribution, either by corporate check or by corporate credit card.
  • I am not making contributions, either alone or via related entities, which aggregate more than $500 to the campaign.
  • I am not making my contribution for any vote or official action or promise to refrain from any vote or official action.
  • I am not an owner, director, officer, or named sub-contractor of any entity that has a contract proposal pending with the City and County of San Francisco which is subject to the approval of the Sheriff or with a state agency on whose board a Sheriff’s appointee serves, or of any entity that received such a contract within the last twelve months.
  • I am not registered to lobby the San Francisco Sheriff and have not been registered to do so within the prior 90 days.

Contributions are not tax deductible Corporate contributions are prohibited. Individuals and most non-incorporated entities may contribute up to $500. Spouses and domestic partners may each contribute the maximum, even if their contributions are made from a joint account, but should submit separate contributions, each completed by the contributing spouse/partner. We may not deposit your payment without your name, street address (no PO boxes), occupation and employer, and may not accept cash, cashier’s checks or money orders of $100 or more. The list above sets forth other prohibitions, including the city contractor and lobbyist bans.

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